1. Who can I contact for the further information on IT Workplace of Tomorrow Conference?

Please email us at events@letsmanageit.pl

2. When and how can I register for IT Workplace of Tomorrow Conference?

Registration is open on the registration page, sign up.

3. What happens after registration?

Your registration will be confirmed via email as soon as you sign up. You’ll receive your
personal conference link at least a week before the event. Until then, follow our social media
pages for quick and convenient updates: LinkedIn

4. What if I can’t find my personal link to conference?

Please email us ASAP at events@letsmanageit.pl

5. What time should I log in?

The lobby of the online platform is open one hour before the event’s start time.

6. Where can I see and complete my attendee profile?

When you log in to the event platform, you enter the lobby area where you are able to also
update your profile in the top right corner.

7. Where do I find the agenda and speaker information during the event?

On the website it will be soon.

On the event platform, after logging in to the event, you enter the lobby area, where you’ll find the agenda and information about sponsors, and further information about the event.

8. Will I be able to interact with other attendees?

Yes, you will be able to chat/video call with other attendees on the platform during the event and also do a 1-1 meeting.

9. Will you be recording conference?

Yes, the event will be recorded by the organizer, and videos will be made available afterward.

10. Can I get an access to the recordings?

Recordings of the event will be available on-demand after the event is finalized.

11. Where can I find the terms of participation in conference?

You can find terms here.

12. How can I get an invoice?

An invoice will be sent automatically after received payment. In other cases, please contact us:

13. How can my company become a sponsor for IT Workplace of Tomorrow?

Contact us at events@letsmanageit.pl

14. How can I become a speaker?

Contact us at events@letsmanageit.pl