• IT Workplace of Tomorrow

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During this year’s edition, we will cover the most relevant topics
in the times of accelerated workplace transformation

What is the future role of office and workplace?

How technology enables collaboration?

What makes a successful team in a hybrid world?

How to make employees appreciate workplace?

How to be well prepared for a recession?

How to grow skills and develop IT talents?

How to engage and motivate IT teams?

What is the future of IT careers?

How to acquire and retain IT talents?

What are the skills of the next generation?

How to create inclusive and diverse workplace?

What's the role of modern HR department?

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Let’s Manage IT.

Let's Manage IT

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IT Manager of Tomorrow 2024
We are back in Gdynia!

The role of an IT manager is constantly evolving, and with the growing importance of technology in business. This role takes on greater significance, at the same time calling for constant development. That is why you should be preparing for the title TOMORROW already today.